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i hope i can help

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1i hope i can help Empty i hope i can help on Wed Jun 13, 2012 7:49 pm

hi everypony

i like where this is all going and i love the ideas that have been flowing and forming, but i think you guys might be lacking a little bit and im here to offer any support i can. now before i get started im sorry if i offend anyone, i dont mean to offend, im new to this site and im not 100% in the loop yet but here goes.

first things first, you seem to have some website issues. you forum could use a lot of work and the site "" goes no where. i can help here, im a trained diploma cert IT tech and i trained in web design and have have build lots of forums before. also i have a web server im willing to offer to host your sites for free if you need it. (as long as the site doesnt get too big)

i have also done work with photo editing. im also a starting DJ and have been sound editing for a while now and might be able to help you in that area too, sadily i have never been trained in animation. so i will be very little help there.

i have a lot more to offer and wish to do my part, also best part of all ......... im a brony lol

thanks for your time. send me a message or a direct e-amil to or

hope i can be of service

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